Guest Blogger Karen Favazza Spencer

August 19, 2023 

Dear Readers, 

Motivated by a personal health crisis, I began my deep dive into the world of fluoride science and fluoridation policy in the summer of 2014. As an analyst, I was adept at doing that type of work and found the government websites like PubMed (database of published biomedical science curated by the National Institute of Health) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to be wonderful assets. However, what I found on those websites, as well as the websites of the American Dental Association (ADA),  World Health Organization (WHO) and  other stakeholders in fluoridation was anything but wonderful. 

Initially, like most of fluoridation opponents, I was only interested in ending the practice in my own small city based on the evidence that even low concentrations of fluoride in water considered ‘optimal’ by proponents causes serious harm to the bodies, brains and bones of a significant portion of  consumers resulting in everything from arthritis to ulcerative colitis, From my reading, I estimate at least 15% of us receive a slew of medical misdiagnoses of what in reality is fluoride poisoning affecting us from womb to tomb. Moreover, I agree with Dr. Hans Moolenburgh that the chronic exposure to fluoride in water will “hasten health calamities” for all of us.  

Again, like most fluoridation opponents, I believed simply getting a group of credentialed people together to present a rational document that was easily accessible and supported by scientific citations to those in positions of power would begin the process of righting that wrong. How naive I was. 

Like fluoridation opponents in previous decades, I found that regardless of their altruistic mission statements, power structures from Main Street to the ABC Agencies of Washington defend their policies despite being presented with the proof that they are poisoning people and the planet - and that ordinary people will be whipped into a frenzy by paid public relations experts and other shills in order to defend fluoridation by attacking long-time neighbors and friends rather than actually do a modicum of science homework or consider the ethical violation of medical consent and bodily autonomy that fluoridation policy poses for those of us with medical reason to avoid this poison. 

Since 2015, I’ve authored multiple well-referenced petitions to those in positions of power, including to the CDC, National Academies of Science (NASEM), governors (through the National Governors’ Association), American Thyroid Association (ATA), politicians, etc. I’ve even had some very interesting and eye-opening responses. 

I met Brenda Staudenmaier in 2017. Her personal story is similar to mine. We each have written the CDC individually. In January 2022 we began a joint effort to bring the CDC to task. Per our correspondence on this website, we got their attention, but the CDC’s disingenuous and overtly manipulative non-responsive replies to us leaves no doubt that its leadership, like leadership in many organizations, is only interested in protecting its power, prestige and profitability. CDC turns a blind eye to scientific facts, ethical considerations, and justice. 

Brenda and I will not be giving up. We hope that the material made public on this website helps others of good conscience fight the good fight in their own ways, or at least take measures to protect their own health from this specific and insidious poison that the CDC champions.